Smart Evaporator

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Smart Evaporator

In Vial Concentration


Smart Evaporator is a new type of evaporator
that enables fast and effective DMSO evaporation without bumping risks.

In Vial Concentration

The Spiral Plugs come in various sizes for compatibility with many different sample tubes, flasks, and vials. Coupled with a quick release, the Spiral Plugs are easily exchangeable between different sizes.

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Bump Free Technology

The novel Spiral Plug technology generates a helical flow of air or inert gas over the surface of your solvent, thereby increasing the surface area. Since the vial isn’t under high vacuum, there is no risk of bumping or splashing.

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DMSO & DMF Concentrator

The Smart Evaporator enables efficient evaporation of high boiling point solvents. With the inert gas purging feature (ex. nitrogen), it’s great for drying down solvents such as DMSO, DMF and water.

(inert gas recommended).

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Smart Evaporator C1

Single Channel Evaporator

Smart Evaporator ACR1

Acid Resistant Single Channel Evaporator

Smart Evaporator K4

4 Channel Evaporator

Smart Evaporator C10

10 Channel Evaporator

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Smart Evaporator Verification of Enzyme Activity

Rapid concentration of high boiling point solvents using a vacuum-assisted vortex concentration method

Container characteristics during drying and concentration





Mechanisms of specific systemic response in wheat plants under different locally acting heat stimuli

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Journal of Plant Physiology Volumes 258–259, March–April 2021, 153377


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