Bump-Free 10 Channel Evaporator
Smart Evaporator C10

  • DMSO/DMF/water evaporation
    with no bumping
  • 10 samples at a time
    for saving time
  • Compatible with vials of 3 sizes
    (1.5ml, 6ml, 20ml)
  • Faster concentration with inert gas




Product Name  Smart Evaporator C10
Heater shape & size *  solid vial holder with 10 holes (available in 3 sizes: φ11.7mm/ φ18mm/ φ27mm) 
Heater temperature range    Room temperature to 100 ℃
Size of container  P1: 1.5ml vial (less than φ11.7mm), P2: 6ml vial (less than φ18mm),

 P3: 20ml vial (less than φ27mm)

Color  4 colors (Sun, Sky, Squall, Grass)
Size (mm)  W350 x D300 x H531 (except protruded parts)
Weight  20kg
Operating environment  Temperature: 10℃~ to 40℃ Humidity: 20~80%

*Heater shape & size


Optional Items

Spiral Plugs

Available in 3 sizes

(for supplement / replacement)

Vial Holder

Available in 3 sizes

(for supplement / replacement)

Vacuum Pump

High flow rate is needed for evaporating multi channels

Recommended Model:

DA-241S by ULVAC

(sold separately)







“Multiple evaporations of water or mixed solvents for ingredient analysis pretreatment with the C10!”

Ms. O, drug-related division in one chemical manufacturer


“Definitely fast and effective evaporation of multiple samples!”

PD Kyohei Kanomata, Bioresources Chemistry, Department of Agro-environmental Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University

“The C10 enables us to process the samples collected from the same time simultaneously.”

Assistant Prof. Ms. Ryoko Tomita, Institute of Analytical Sciences, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Fukuoka


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