Bump-Free 10 Channel Evaporator
Smart Evaporator C10


  • DMSO/DMF/water evaporation
    with no bumping
  • 10 samples at a time
    for saving time
  • Compatible with vials of 3 sizes
    (1.5ml, 6ml, 20ml)
  • Faster evaporation with inert gas

*CE/UL/CSA certified product

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Product Name Smart Evaporator C10
Heater shape & size * solid vial holder with 10 holes (available in 3 sizes: φ11.7mm/ φ18mm/ φ27mm) 
Heater temperature range   Room temperature to 100 ℃
Size of container P1: 1.5ml vial (less than φ11.7mm), P2: 6ml vial (less than φ18mm),

 P3: 20ml vial (less than φ27mm)

Color 4 colors (Sun, Sky, Squall, Grass)
Size (mm) W350 x D300 x H531 (except protruded parts)
Weight 20kg
Operating environment Temperature: 10℃~ to 40℃ Humidity: 20~80%

*This is a CE/UL/CSA certified product.

*Heater shape & size


Optional Items

Spiral Plugs

Available in 3 sizes

(for supplement / replacement)

Spiral Plug SP-V series
designed for effective water evaporation
Available in 3 sizes
(for supplement / replacement)

Application Example

Vial Holder

Available in 3 sizes

(for supplement / replacement)

Vacuum Pump

High flow rate is needed

for evaporating multi channels

Recommended Model:

DA-241S by ULVAC

(sold separately)

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