Smart Evaporator K4

  • Up to 4 vials at a time
  • Easy to change vial size
  • Aluminum beads for versatile compatibility 
  • Room temperature to 100℃



Product Name  Smart Evaporator K4
Heater shape & size  Rectangle shaped, W226mm x D55mm x H58mm
Heater temperature range  Room temperature to 100℃
Inner mouth diameter of

compatible containers

Color  1 color (Sun)
Size (mm)  W340 x D156 x H414.2 (except protruded parts)
Weight  4.8kg
Operating environment  Temperature: 10℃~ to 40℃ Humidity: 20~80%



Optional Items





Spiral Plugs

Available in 5 sizes
(for supplement / replacement)

Vacuum Pump

High flow rate is needed for evaporating multi channels

Recommended Model:

DA-241S by ULVAC

(sold separately)






“Operation time gets reduced to 1/6 to evaporate 16 viscous samples!”

Assistant Prof. Ena Kiyokawa, Chemical Analytics,Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Fukuoka University

“It is great being able to flexibly concentrate fractionated samples.”

Tomoyuki Koyama, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Food Chemistry and Functional Nutrition, Graduate School / Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology