8-channel Evaporator for microtubes-
Smart Evaporator™ MT8

  • Water evaporation time reduced to 1/5 in comparison with nitrogen evaporators, and centrifugal evaporators

  • The model specially for microtube use in biochemistry and life science

Faster evaporation with microtubes
using Spiral Plug™ E-series

- VVC(Vacuum vortext concentration) method prevents bumping.
- Cylindrical shape to fit with microtube aperture.
- 3 helix slits reduce instance of sample escaping.

Comparison of evaporation time:
Spiral Plug against conventional methods

Test methods:0.1ml of water prepared in a 1.5mL microtube was evaporated to dryness, under room temperature. The remaining water amount was measured intermittently by its weight.


・BioChromato Spiral Plug E1
    with dry air, flow rate per a tube at 5L/min, n=8


・Company A's Nitrogen Evaporator
    with dry nitrogen, flow rate per a tube at 0.3L/min, n=6


・Comopany B's Centrifugal Evaporator
    Vacuumed to -0.1MPa gauge n=8


Evaporation time by Spiral Plug took only 1/5 of the other methods.

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MT8 Starter Set

SSetsSet Name / ComponentsMT8 Starter Set (E1) / CEB8CL-AQ, CEB8CL-VH-E1, SP-E1 x 8
Set Name / ComponentsMT8 Starter Set (E2) / CEB8CL-AQ, CEB8CL-VH-E2, SP-E2 x 8


Main Unit Specifications

Main Unit

Main Unit Name Smart Evaporator MT8
Catalog Code CEB8CL-AQ
Heater shape & size  Round shape φ 68.5
Gas Purge OK 
Heater temperature range   Room temperature to 60 ℃
Size of container 1.5/5.0mL microtube (designed using Eppendorf products as standard)
Color 1 color (Aqua)
Size (mm) W188 (252) mm x D255 (304) mm x H585 mm
Weight 11.3 kg (excluding attachments)
Pump Contained within main unit
Flow Max. 60 L/min.
Power Source Single phase 100 V
 *A transformer must be used in some areas. The models for other voltages will be available in the future.



Optional Items

Spiral Plugs

Available in 2 sizes

(for supplement / replacement)

Vial holder for MT8

Vial Holder

Available in 2 sizes

(for supplement / replacement)

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