Q1:Can I pierce the RAPID EPS with needles or tips?

A1: Yes. It can be suitably pierced with LC/MS or auto-sampler needles and tips. There are rarely some cases where it is difficult to pierce depending on the material and shape of the needle. Please try with the free sample for you to check.

Q2:Can this be used for storage at -80℃?

A2: Yes. The operating temperature of this product is from -80℃ to 80℃. It can be used for storage at -80℃.

Q3:Are there any unsuitable methods?

A3: The RAPID EPS is not suitable for autoclaves. Also please note that this is not sterilized.

Q4:What is the recommended storage condition?

A4: Store at room temperature in a place not exposed to direct sunlight.

Q5:Are there any recommended models of microwell plate?

A5: It can be used with any general microwell plates with SBS standard. The ones with the flat surface are easy to adhere with good sealability.

Q6:Tell me the number of wells on microwell plate that can be used.

A6:You can select wells with any number of wells.

Q7:Can I use for wells in rectangle shape?

A7: You can use with any shaped wells.

Q8:Can I try before I purchase?

A8:Yes. We are pleased to send you free samples. Please send us your request from below. The one sample set consists of 2 pieces. Please watch how a needle piercing looks like with RAPID EPS.

Q9:Is this subjected to the RoHS Directive?

A9:No. The RoHS Directive is a regulation for electronic products, and the plastic seals which are resin molded items are not subjected.

Q10:To which solvents is the RAPID EPS resistant to?

A10:Please see the table below.

SuitableNot suitable
・ethyl methyl ketone etc
・ethyl acetate
・toluene etc

The solvents with high polarity are suitable for use with RAPID EPS.
Those with low or none polarity are not likely to be suitable.
*Please note the table above is just a reference, and it may still depend on the usage conditions.

Q11:What are the compatible auto-samplers from experience?

A11:These are some examples of compatible auto-samplers from our experience.
Examples of compatible auto-samplers
■6400 series triple quadrupole LC/MS (Agilent Technologies)
■Prominence SIL-20A (Shimadzu)
■Nexera X2 SIL-30AC (Shimadzu)
*compatible with auto-samplers of these devices.

Q12:Does this have gas permeability?

A12:Sorry, this does not have gas permeability.

Q13:Can I use this for sealing vials?

A13:This is for sealing the plate, but we also have some customers using this for sealing their vials. It depends on the size, and please try the sample to find the compatibility.

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