Acid resistant model / Open Type 

Smart Evaporator ACR1

  • Efficient removal of acids and solvents
    (Hydrolysis of peptide bonds / Removal of impurities / Reaction acceleration during synthesis / pH adjustment)
  • Fast evaporation of high-boiling solvents
    (e.g. DMSO/DMF/water)
  • Efficient removal of acids and solvents with no bumping.
  • Compatibility with various containers



Product Name Smart Evaporator ACR1
Heater temperature range Room temperature ~ 100℃
Heater shape & size Circle shaped, φ69mm
Inner mouth diameter of

compatible containers

 φ4~32mm (Examples of compatible containers)
Color 1 color (Stone)
Size (mm) W205 x D150 x H379 (except protruded parts)
Weight 2.1kg



Optional Items


Spiral Plugs
Available in 5 sizes
(for supplement / replacement)

Vacuum Pump
Is required to operate the Smart Evaporator
Recommended Model:
ME4CNT by Vaccubrand

(sold separately)

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