Smart Evaporator Evaluation:
Ms.Teodora “Tia” Nedic, PhD Student Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of California Irvine

“The Smart Evaporator has cut down the time I produce product by 75%. For my research, I have to do chemical synthesis to conjugate two products together.


Normally, drying my products wouldn’t cause issue if I was in conventional organic solvent…but my reactions take place in water.


Before the Smart Evaporator, I would do a reaction (that uses a minimum of 3 mL of water), have to dry it on a Schlenk line (which takes OVERNIGHT), resuspend in a smaller volume to run on HPLC, collect those fractions and dry again. This last step can be upwards of 15 mL of water, which means multiple days of drying. From reaction to purified product could take 2 weeks.


Since the purchase of the Smart Evaporator, my 2-week timeline has been cut down to 4-5 days. This means I am producing faster, and thus, progressing science. I am eternally grateful for this device and all of the time it has saved me.

We also thank for the review delivered from the another member of the team!

“The Smart Evaporator speeds up my workflow by a lot. In the past I used to dread aqueous based samples because each experiment would take days to evaporate on our lyophilized.


Nowadays, water based experiments take much less time since my samples dry in a few hours. This lets me get to my result faster, and now I don't stray away from water as much anymore.


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