How does the Smart Evaporator™ work?

Smart Evaporator uses the VVC method(*) the world's first concentration method that enables to remove DMSO and DMF, which have been said to be difficult or time-consuming to concentrate.


Have you ever given up on using DMSO or DMF because of the difficulty of dividing or freeze-drying after use?

With Smart Evaporator, you can easily concentrate solvents that you have given up on, expanding the range of solvents you can use. In fact, more than half of our customers use Smart Evaporator because of its ability to remove DMSO and DMF.


It has been implemented in a wide range of fields and applications, including chemical biology, complex chemistry, material science, food analysis, analytical chemistry, bio-imaging, and sample recovery when DMSO is used in NMR.
*VVC method: Vacuum Vortex Concentration method


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Why can DMSO be removed?

Smart Evaporator's VVC method, Vacuum Vortex Concentration, makes it possible to remove DMSO.
The spiral airflow created by the special concentrator plug "Spiral Plug" supports rapid solvent removal.

Principle of Vacuum Vortex Concentration

1. Vacuum suction with a pump

Vacuum suction is initiated by a vacuum pump in the same way as in conventional rotary evaporators.

2. Gas influx through a spiral slit on a Spiral Plug

The Spiral Plug has a special groove (slit) carved on it.  When the vacuum pump starts suctioning, the gas from the surrounding air passes through the slit and flows into the container.

3. Generating spiral air flow

The inflowing gas spirals inside the vessel, creating an airflow inside the vessel.

4. Increasing the contact surface area between liquid and gas

The generated spiral air flow agitates the sample in the vessel. Then the surface area of the agitated sample increases.

5. Promoting solvent volatilization

This is a special technique in which volatilization is promoted by the increase of surface area caused by the spiral airflow.


Evaporation speed chart

The following is an example of the evaporation speed at which 5 mL of DMSO or DMF is evaporated in a 20 mL vial. DMSO, which is difficult to evaporate easily, can be evaporated in just over 3 hours. (*Data obtained with gas replacement)


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Do you know?

▶Using a Smart Evaporator is not necessary to dilute the sample or transfer from container to container even when evaporating the high boiling point solvents.


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▶The advantages of Smart Evaporator technology
for concentrating or removing water to dry aqueous samples


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