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Mechanisms of specific systemic response in wheat plants under different locally acting heat stimuli

Maxim Mudrilov, Maria Ladeynova, Ekaterina Berezina, Marina Grinberg, Anna Brilkina, Vladimir Sukhov, Vladimir Vodeneev
Journal of Plant Physiology Volumes 258–259, March–April 2021, 153377



In situ formation of photoactive B-ring reduced chlorophyll isomer in photosynthetic protein LH2

Yoshitaka Saga, Yuji Otsuka, Daichi Funakoshi, Yuto Masaoka, Yu Kihara, Tsubasa Hidaka, Hiroka Hatano, Hitoshi Asakawa, Yutaka Nagasawa & Hitoshi Tamiaki

Scientific Reports volume 10, Article number: 19383 (2020)

Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Electrical and Photosynthetic Activity and the Content of Phytohormones Induced by Local Stimulation of Pea Plants

Maria Ladeynova, Maxim Mudrilov, Ekaterina Berezina, Dmitry Kior, Marina Grinberg, Anna Brilkina, Vladimir Sukhov and Vladimir Vodeneev

Plants 2020, 9(10), 1364

Performance of Two Different Techniques to Concentrate Samples for Bioaerosol Quantification

Hyeon-Ju Oh , Taewon T. Han and Gediminas Mainelis

Atmosphere 2020, 11(5), 504

Ion Mobility – Mass Spectrometry Methods for Studying Membrane Proteins.

Sarah M. Fantin.

DEEP BLUE(University of Michigan). 2020



Extraction of strawberry leaves with supercritical carbon dioxide and entrainers: antioxidant capacity, total phenolic content, and inhibitory effect on uric acid production of the extract.

Sato, T., Ikeya, Y., Adachi, S. I., Yagasaki, K., Nihei, K. I., & Itoh, N.

Food and Bioproducts Processing. 2019

Novel 18F-labeled α-methyl-phenylalanine derivative with high tumor accumulation and ideal pharmacokinetics for tumor specific imaging.

Hanaoka, H., Ohshima, Y., Yamaguchi, A., Suzuki, H., Ishioka, N. S., Higuchi, T., … & Tsushima, Y. 

Molecular pharmaceutics. 2019


Usuki, T. Usuki, Toyonobu.

U.S. Patent Application No. 15/810,634. 2019

Development of Methods to Evaluate Several Levels of Uranium Concentrations in Drainage Water Using Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence Technique.

Matsuyama, T., Izumoto, Y., Ishii, K., Sakai, Y., & Yoshii, H.

Frontiers in Chemistry, 7. 2019

Identification of the Designer Steroid Androsta‐3, 5‐diene‐7, 17‐dione in a Dietary Supplement.

Lorenz, L. M., Toomey, V. M., Lanzarotta, A. C., Flurer, R. A., & Falconer, T. M.

Drug Testing and Analysis. 2019



Characterization of 3‐Acetyl Chlorophyll a and 3‐Acetyl Protochlorophyll a Accommodated in the B800 Binding Sites of Photosynthetic Light‐Harvesting Complex 2 in the Purple Photosynthetic Bacterium Rhodoblastus acidophilus.

Saga, Y., & Miyagi, K.

Photochemistry and photobiology, 94(4), 698-704. 2018

Safety Assessment of Bangle (Zingiber purpureum Rosc.) Rhizome Extract: Acute and Chronic Studies in Rats and Clinical Studies in Human.

Kato, E., Kubo, M., Okamoto, Y., Matsunaga, Y., Kyo, H., Suzuki, N., … & Fukuyama, Y. 

ACS Omega, 3(11), 15879-15889. 2018



Effect of temperature and pressure on the extraction of strawberry receptacles with a mixture of supercritical carbon dioxide and entrainers.

Sato, T., Fukuda, F., Nihei, K. I., & Itoh, N. 

The Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 130, 23-29. 2017



Determination of trace amounts of bismuth in steel by ICP-MS through a cascade-preconcentration and separation method.

Okano, G., Igarashi, S., Ohno, O., Yamamoto, Y., Saito, S., & Oka, Y. 

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Self-assembled artificial viral capsid decorated with gold nanoparticles.

Matsuura, K., Ueno, G., & Fujita, S. 

Polymer Journal, 47(2), 2015



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