-RAPID Tube Plate 600-

Q1:Is this unique-looking product compatible with only limited products?

A1: Please feel relieved that as long as an aluminum block satisfies ANSI/SBS standard, it will not limit a range of compatible equipment.

Q2:Can it be heated to 121℃?

A2: Yes it can be. The heat resistance of polypropylene is up to 130℃, and the use in autoclave (at 121 ° C for 20 minutes) has also been verified, so it enables to be used. The lower limit temperature is -80 ° C.

Q3:Can this be used for other than research purpose?

A3: This is designed for research purpose only. Please do not use this for other than research purpose.

Q4:Please instruct me how to store the product.

A4: Please store at room temperature in a place not exposed to direct sunlight or ultraviolet rays.

Q5:Can I try a sample and see how it works before purchase?

A5: Yes, you can. We can send you a sample for free, so please contact us from below.

Q6:Is this product subjected for RoHS Directive?

A6:No, it is not. The RoHS Directive is a regulation targeting electrical and electronic products, and resin molded plates are not subjected for RoHS Directive.


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