Bump-Free Single Channel Evaporator
Smart Evaporator C1

  • DMSO/DMF/water evaporation
    with no bumping
  • Compatible with various containers
  • Minimizes the loss by sample transfer
  • Faster concentration with inert gas



Product Name  Smart Evaporator C1
Heater shape & size  Circle shaped, φ69mm
Heater temperature range  Room temperature ~ 100℃
Gas Purge  〇
Inner mouth diameter of

compatible containers

 φ4~32mm (Examples of compatible containers)
Color  4 colors (Sun, Squall, Sky, Grass)
Size (mm)  W220 x D227 x H382 (except protruded parts)
Weight  4.3kg
Operating environment  Temperature: 10℃~ to 40℃ Humidity: 20~80%



Optional Items


Spiral Plugs
Available in 5 sizes
(for supplement / replacement)
Available for less contaminated


Vacuum Pump
Is required to operate the Smart Evaporator
(sold separately)
Transforms your C1 into FOUR position


*Are you using the old version (2012-2017) Smart Evaporator C1?
Thank you for your loyalty, and please find the optional items for your C1 from HERE.




”Smart Evaporator C1 works remarkably. It has a potential to cope with significant unmet needs.”

Dr. Davisson / Dr. Fujii, Purdue University Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology

”The Smart Evaporators are quick and easy to use, require little or no maintenance, and occupy only a small footprint within a fumehood.”

Dr Graham W. Wynne, University of Oxford

”This achieves the fast evaporation and also accurate extraction of the small volume.”

Ms.Higashi in the laboratory of biological and mechanical engineering in the University of Tokyo, working for the project “SATREPS” (Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development)

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