Smart Evaporator Evaluation: Dr Graham W. Wynne, University of Oxford


“We have been using two Smart Evaporators in the Russell group labs here at the Chemistry Research Laboratory in Oxford now for several months. They have found broad utility on a daily basis within the medicinal chemistry team, with typical usage being for removing solvents from target compounds prior to submitting them to our colleagues in biology for screening.


This was critical to us, as it highlights the units’ capability in removing trace solvent.


Furthermore, they are commonly employed in isolating synthetic intermediates, and recovering NMR samples from solution, including those containing DMSO.


The Smart Evaporators not only help with our workflow, but importantly are quick and easy to use, require little or no maintenance, and occupy only a small footprint within a fumehood.”


(Interviewer: Martyn Fordham, Asynt)


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