Rapid Concentration of High Boiling Point Solvents



BioChromato Inc. has published a technical poster that studies how its unique vacuum-assisted vortex concentration (VVC) technology offers significant benefits in achieving rapid concentration of samples dissolved in high boiling point solvents.


In pharmaceutical research, concentrating solvents is an unavoidable operation. The poster examines how the spiral air flow generated by BioChromato’s VVC technology allows their Smart Evaporator to rapidly concentrate even high boiling solvents, such as DMSO, DMF and water without heating to high temperatures.


The authors describe how the VVC technology works by using vacuum to draw air /nitrogen through a spiral slit generating a vortex which both stirs the sample and creates an increased evaporative surface area thereby speeding up the concentration process. As the VVC method is shown to concentrate in a shorter time compared to other methods, it is particularly suitable for concentrating compounds that degrade when heat is applied. Additionally, since excessive decompression is not required using VVC technology, it is also shown to offer significant benefits for concentrating samples that easily bump, boil or foam.


Using tapered spiral plugs to create the evaporative vortex, the VVC methodology is readily compatible with almost any type of vial or sample tube. Consequently there is no need to switch sample tubes and risk losing sample, or increase the volume of solvent to evaporate because of extra washing steps.


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To download the press release in full in PDF format please click HERE.


To download a copy of the technical poster please click HERE.
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