Smart Evaporation Technology


Solvent evaporation specialists – BioChromato Inc. has published an informative web page that describes how Vacuum Vortex Concentration (VVC) methodology enables users of its Smart Series of Evaporators remove even higher boiling solvents including water, DMSO and DMF quickly and safely.


At the heart of each BioChromato Smart Evaporator is a highly efficient spiral airflow created by a special concentrator plug or “Spiral Plug”. This novel Spiral Plug technology generates a helical flow of air or inert gas agitating the surface of the solvent, increasing its surface area and thereby greatly improving the effectiveness and speed of evaporation.


Beneficially since the evaporation vessel on a Smart Evaporator isn’t under high vacuum, there is no risk of bumping or splashing. Using VVC methodology – Smart Evaporators increase efficiency by eliminating the time-consuming task of cleaning apparatus, potential loss of precious samples and the need to repeat the drying down process that can result from solvent bumping or splashing.

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