Gulf Coast Conference in Houston

BioChromato attended the Gulf Coast Conference in Houston, TX. In addition to our booth, we were honored to be awarded Best New Analytical Instrument for our innovative pyrolysis device called ionRocket, where we had it on display at the New Product Showcase.
The ionRocket is a thermal desorption and pyrolysis device for use with DART Mass Spectrometry. It’s a unique instrument that eliminates sample prep allowing direct analysis of samples by heating up to 600°C at a specific rate of heating. This separates compounds based on volatility thus providing resolved mass spectra similar to a chromatogram.
BioChromato met with top leaders in the oil and gas industry like General Motors and Exxon Mobile. Customers in the oil and gas industry were impressed by the ability to analyze oil and other automotive fluids. They expressed particular interest in the ability to quickly analyze antioxidants and other additives in automotive oil and other fluids for quality control purposes.
We also presented a poster on using our analytical device on lubricating oils. This analysis method enables detection additives and base oil in the lubricating oils respectively by gradient heating, without any pre-treatment.

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