Vacuum Vortex Evaporation


Condensing and evaporating samples is a very necessary part of many chemical testing protocols. Samples need to be recovered after screening from their subsequent solvents. Many methods have been created to expedite this process and Biochromato has created an innovative solution to increase throughput and subsequently allow researchers to gather more data faster with the patented Vacuum Vortex Evaporation (VVE) Technology found in the Smart Evaporator.



By increasing the overall temperature of the sample and expanding the available liquid surface area by creating a vortex via the patented Spiral Plug design, even high solubility and boiling point solvents can be evaporated in a short amount of time compared to traditional evaporators.


Because a complete vacuum is not formed the risk of bumping or boiling of precious samples is entirely avoided. This allows comfort in knowing that the samples will not be lost or ruined due to boil over or spilling, ultimately saving laboratory resources and indispensable processing time.


Even tiny sample amounts can be easily evaporated thanks to the wide variety of Spiral Plugs available to incur VVE conditions. Maintain sample integrity, avoid any chance of sample loss and save time while efficiently evaporating with Smart Evaporator’s original VVE technology.


How much time and how many samples have been lost already?


Learn how to stop losing time and valuable sample resources here.

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