Smart Evaporator is an user-oriented product with good design!

This time we visited Dr. Kubo's laboratory, where conducts research to find useful bioactive substances from the natural world. We asked her about her impressions of Smart Evaporator C1 recently purchased.

(Interviewee: Interviewee: Dr. Kubo, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tokushima Bunri University)

┃How Smart Evaporator is being used

Mainly, we are using Smart Evaporator to concentrate the extracted solution from plants and also to concentrate small volume solutions of the chemically synthesized substance. Usually, for sample solutions with much volume, we use a rotary evaporator with eggplant flask, but for the sample solution as small as 10mL volume, we use the Biochromato's Smart Evaporator.

┃Impressions on actual use

Some students said it is good that solvent could be concentrated more easily than expected, and a variety of containers could be used with. Now, we often use it to evaporate the organic solvents with low boiling points heated to 30-40°C, and I feel that it is fully functional. They have no particular complaints. I'm sure one or more of the students use it every day.

┃About the color of the instrument

Dr. Kubo

We posted the catalog on the wall of the lab's common room and asked students to vote on which of the four colors they would like to purchase. Red and blue were evenly matched, but red won in the end.


I see. Red was the most popular color among your students! Red was also the most popular in a previous survey we conducted!

Dr. Kubo

Indeed, it is very rare to find a product with this kind of design. I think this has a good design among the other lab devices. Of course, performance would come first, but if there were two products with similar performance, I would select the one with the better design.


I see. Thank you for your kind words. We would appreciate your continued feedback. Thank you for your cooperation today.


This time we heard that "Smart Evaporator C1" is highly evaluated by students in her laboratory, improving the efficiency of daily experiments. In fact, we are particular about the color of "Smart Evaporator C1". We are choosing the organic colors to add the colors to the researchers' live. It is interesting to choose the device color by voting as Dr. Kubo's lab did!


(Interviewer: Development Department, Yuko Abe)




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