For small-scale sample concentration and moisture removal from biological samples, Smart Evaporator is indispensable!

Following the testimonial No.7, this time we talked again with Dr. Toyonobu Usuki, who is engaged in various research projects relating to natural product chemistry, total synthesis, chemical biology, and biomarkers.


Professor Toyonobu Usuki, Department of Materials and Life Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology , Sophia University

Professor Usuki's research theme

"We are conducting the following studies, almost same as the previous interview."








Studies on the biomarkers of desmosines (elastic fiber elastine crosslinker amino acid)

Development of innovative extraction and isolation methods for natural organic compounds, especially aroma compounds, using deep eutectic solvents

Studies on total synthesis and structure-activity relationship of cynaropicrin, which is a sesquiterpene lactone, candidate of drug for the treatment of HAT (African sleeping sickness)

┃How Smart Evaporator for 4 samples(4kit in conjunction with Smart Evaporator C1) was introduced

Originally, we owned a Smart Evaporator C1 and used it conveniently.
As the number of researchers increased and they had to wait for their turns, we introduced the Smart Evaporator for 4 samples (4kit in conjunction with Smart Evaporator C1), which can concentrate more numbers of samples at once.
Now three units of Smart Evaporator C1 and one Smart Evaporator for 4 samples unit are used by twelve people.
Rotary evaporators are used when sample volumes are large, but Smart Evaporators are used more often now, because samples with small amount are increased than before, and needs for water evaporation are also increased for more biological samples.

┃Impressions using Smart Evaporator


It is really efficient to concentrate four samples at a time!
Moreover, I like the fact that Smart Evaporator for 4 samples (4kit in conjunction with Smart Evaporator C1) is compact and does not occupy much space.
The Smart Evaporator for 4 samples is a great recommendation if the size of the vial container is compatible.
Perhaps, in terms of total time including preparation and clean-up, the time saved became about a half, compared to rotary evaporators.
Also, it is really convenient that we can watch how to use it and how to swap out parts, on YouTube!



Honestly speaking, in terms of function, I believe that Smart Evaporator is a perfect instrument!

However, although we would like to run concentration of much more samples, we do not have enough space for a new expansion.

It is ideal if we could concentrate more samples with the unit size almost same as a Smart Evaporator C1.

It would be nice if 8 to 10 samples can be concentrated at the same time.



Thank you very much Professor Usuki, for taking the time out of your busy schedule for the interview of this User's Voice.
When I visited the lab, I was very impressed to find three units of Smart Evaporator C1 with each color in purple, green, and blue .
Furthermore, there was one Smart Evaporator for 4 samples (4kit in conjunction with Smart Evaporator C1) in red, all the color lineup of Smart Evaporator has been realized at the lab!
Also, when I asked about issues, I was very honored and it was a manufacturer’s pleasure like a dream , to receive your comment, "Smart Evaporator is perfect!”.
Regarding the equipment installation space that you are currently struggling with, we are considering proposing the use of stacking shelves, for example, to make effective use of the space.
Also, during your talk, professor informed us that "Smart Evaporator is becoming popular in academia through word of mouth and other means, but it is not yet well known among the private companies."
We will strive to grow both in name and reality so that we can be of service to more users.
We will continue to create products that will help improvement the efficiency of your research, and we look forward to working with you in the future.
(Interviewer: Tsubokawa)

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