Very helpful, especially final storage in sample tube!

Concentration of liquid sample is an inseparable process for organic chemistry researchers.

This time we visited Dr. I, who specializes in organic chemistry and conducts research for the basis of next-generation highly functional materials. Dr. I gave us an explanation about how Smart Evaporator-recently purchased-is being used in the laboratory.

 (Interviewee: Dr. I, Department of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, T University)

┃How did you come to introduce "Smart Evaporator C1"?

I was interested in Smart Evaporator, as it can concentrate the small amount sample conveniently, and any kind of sample container will be available on it.  In fact, I had been interested in the previous model (Single Flex G2) and had borrowed a demo unit for evaluation.  However, at that time I had to prepare the temperature controller or other device by myself. It was not a big, however a little hassle, so I did not purchase that model.  This time, I decided to purchase Smart Evaporator C1 because it has an integrated temperature controller, which solved my former dissatisfaction.

┃Impressions on actual use

Especially on using sample tubes for evaporation and final storage with the tubes, I find it very convenient and easy to use.


<Issues before Smart Evaporator installation>
If the synthesis work was performed in the eggplant flasks, the samples must be transferred to the test tubes for concentration and storage, because flasks occupy spaces and the number of containers is limited. When using a rotary evaporator, for example, a septum rubber is attached to the joint before connecting the sample tube, but small sample tubes could not be attached directly, so they were set inside a large sample tube.

<Improvements after the introduction of Smart Evaporator>
With this device (Smart Evaporator C1), it is very convenient because I can easily concentrate the sample liquid in the sample tubes, without those hassles. This would be a problem for all researchers involved in organic chemistry.  In all the laboratories I have belonged to, each researcher has solved the problem of concentration of sample solutions in sample tubes through hard work and ingenuity, so I think there is a lot of potential need for Smart Evaporator.


In this interview, we set up the device and explained about it in front of the member of the laboratory. I was impressed that everyone listened to our explanation very hard and enthusiastically. They said that the color of the device was chosen by a vote of the laboratory members, and "SUN (red)" was chosen because it is a color that is not found in other devices. Listening to the story in this interview, I realized that each researcher has to work hard and devise their own methods when concentrating small amounts of samples. If you are a researcher having trouble concentrating in a sample tube, please try our "Smart Evaporator C1"!

(Interviewer: Yuko Abe, Development Department)




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