Smart Evaporator is doing great in France, too!

This is a new testimonial delivered from Professor Miki Hasegawa (Aoyama Gakuin University, College of Science and Engineering, Laboratory of Photo functionality of Coordination Complexes), and she gave us her first testimonial in the testimonial Vol.21. We are pleased to introduce how the Smart Evaporator has been actively used in her laboratory in France!
Professor Hasegawa has been conducting international collaborative research at the University of Strasbourg in France (The laboratory of Professor Hosseini) since April 2018, and she continues using the Smart Evaporator in France too. (Thank you, Professor Hasegawa!)

And we received her feedback, “Everyone in the laboratory likes using Smart Evaporator!”

Nice pictures♪

In addition, on 5th July 2018, along with Professor Mir Wais Hosseini (Strasbourg University) and Prof. Hitoshi Goto (Toyohashi University of Technology.), The Satellite Symposium on Soft Crystals in The 7th International Mini-Symposium on Advanced Coordination Chemistry was held. Professor Hasegawa also made a speech and introduced the Smart Evaporator in her presentation!

Drinks, snacks and Smart Evaporator!

She said “The symposium was very successful, and around 60 participants had good time sharing their ideas. The Smart Evaporator was placed in the meeting room, and I received many questions in the two coffee breaks. Everyone looks very interested in your device.” It’s been very honor to hear such feedback.  We all pray for her success in the future! (Interviewed by Toshi Kikuchi)

■Interested in what Smart Evaporator is? You can learn from here!


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