RAPID Slit Seal Evidence Sheet

-Airtightness to acetonitrile-

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RAPID Slit Seal has high airtightness to 30% acetonitrile at 15°C




We evaluated the performance of airtightness of RAPID Slit Seal by measuring the weight of plates over time for 72 hours.250μL of 30/70 Acetonitrile/Water were dispensed to all wells of a 96 well plate. The plates were sealed with RAPID Slit Seal (non-use and sticking a hole one) and stored at temperature settings of 15°C.As a control for complete closed system, Aluminum Seals (non-heating) were used to cover well plates at the same condition. The verification was carried out by each 2 sheets for one kind of seal. Finally, we calculated the reducing rate of the plate weight.
(as staring weight was 100%)




The weight reducing rate after 72 hours are as follows;
Using Aluminum Seal : 0.7% of solvent was vaporized
Using a non-use RAPID Slit Seal: 7.7% of solvent was vaporized
Using a hole sticking (once) of RAPID Slit Seal: 8.2% of solvent was vaporized


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