Pittcon Orlando

BioChromato was at the Pittcon Conference and Expo, where we had analytical equipment on display, as well as our Smart Evaporator C10. In addition, we also had a poster presentation explaining our development of two innovative devices for DART-MS systems called ionRocket and Volatimeship.
DART-MS is a powerful method for analysis of sample mixtures. However, this method is not suitable for polymer analysis because many polymers are difficult to volatilize. Thus, we developed the “ionRocket ” which induces thermal desorption and pyrolysis of samples.
The vapor phase of polymer samples was generated by applying a temperature-controlled heating gradient, then ionized and introduced into the mass spectrometer.
 Although DART®-MS also detects volatile compounds, diffusion can make them undetectable in the open environment. In order to overcome this issue, we developed a closed-chamber interface device called “ Volatimeship ” combined with DART®-MS is an effective method to monitor volatile compounds with short analysis times and high sensitivity.

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