IonRocket Posters at ASMS 2019: Flexibility without sample prep for your Mass Spec!

IonRocket thermal desorption for Direct Analysis In Real Time Mass Spectrometry (DART®-MS) removes sample prep for most samples. Powders, fragments, liquids, resins, and oils can all be directly placed in ionRocket, avoiding the need for


  • Compatible solvents
  • LC, GC, or SPE separation
  • Derivatization or matrix co-crystallization



This year at ASMS, ionRocket is being used for a variety of sample types from industrial QC of plastics to characterization of edible oils to forensic identification of fibers. If you are at ASMS please visit our posters or schedule a meeting at the BioChromato booth to learn how ionRocket can unleash the power of your DART® Mass spec.


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To get your conference off to a brilliant start (and learn more about DART®-MS), please also visit the IonSense DART® beer analysis and tasting event




MP 632 Molecular characterization of oligomeric pyrolysis compounds of ethyl acrylate-butyl acrylate copolymer using thermal desorption/pyrolysis DART®-MS
– Acrylic copolymers can be analyzed by observing both intact oligomers and pyrolized oligomeric products. Kendrick Mass Defect plots can then be used to determine the distribution of different oligomeric species in the sample.


MP 228 Application for Forensic Analysis: Discrimination of Fibers using Trace Organic Additive and Pyrolyzate Marker
-Thermal desorption and pyrolysis (TDP/DART®-MS) provides identification and comparison of fiber samples in forensic criminal investigation, by characterizing additives and pyrolysis products.




TP 219 Fatty acid composition analysis for glycerides in edible oils using thermal desorption/pyrolysis DART®-QTOFMS
– ionRocket combined with DART®-MS enables rapid analysis of fatty acid substituents of acylglycerols in rapeseed oil without sample pre-treatment.


TP 145 Application of molecular characterization for fluorine polymers using thermal desorption/pyrolysis DART®-MS
-(TDP)/DART®-MS rapidly detects both thermally desorbed oligomers and oligomeric pyrolysis products of polymers. By introducing Kendrick mass defect (KMD) analysis, sequence distribution and terminal structures of fluorine copolymers can also be determined.




ThP 008 Molecular characterization of terminal structures for polycarbonates using a thermal desorption/pyrolysis DART®-MS

-Polycarbonate samples were analyzed to determine the exact phenoxy terminal types. This allowed TDP-DART®-MS to discriminate between samples of polycarbonate from different industrial sources.

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