ChemZo, the new device made by BioChromato has been awarded!

We are pleased to announce that “ChemZo”, developed by BioChromato, Inc. has received the Encouragement Award from the 33rd Small Business Excellence, New Technology / New Product Award hosted by Resona Foundation / the NK Industrial Research Institute.


ChemZo is the system that made direct analysis of aroma component in exhaled breath during and after eating/drinking possible by a new type of ion-source with corona discharge under atmospheric pressure.


ChemZo measures the aroma that comes out with the exhaled breath while eating/drinking in real time – the components in the exhaled breath are continuously measured from before until after eating/drinking through the nose/mouth of the subject, their aroma markers and release behaviors searched and visualized by the dedicated software. The system visualizes the behavior of invisible scents and supports conventional sensory evaluation in areas like food development.



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