Analysis of Sunscreen Cosmetics
by ionRocket-DART®-MS




Sunscreen cosmetics have been under constant development to optimize their UV cutting, water resistance, and usability. Silicone based surfactants and film-forming agents are typically used as a base. In order to analyze these agents, GC-MS (Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry) or GPC (Gel Permeation Chromatography) are often used. But these analysis methods require pretreatment matched to each sample type.

In this application, we utilized ionRocket DART®-MS analysis without any pretreatment. We detected silicone based cosmetic raw material, directly.



Sunscreens (commercial products)



2 μL of a sunscreen was placed into the ionRocket copper sample pot. A temperature gradient of 100ºC/min. from room temperature to 600ºC was applied. Total run time was 7 min.



TIC, MS spectra measured at 100ºC to 300ºC and 300ºC to 500ºC are shown in Figure 1.

In MS spectrum acquired at 100ºC to 300ºC, Polyoxyethylene (POE) modified silicone based active agents were observed. In the MS spectrum acquired at 300ºC to 500ºC, silicone based film-forming agents were observed.

ionRocket DART®-MS can analyze silicone based cosmetic raw material easily and directly, and should prove useful for stability evaluation and quality control of mixture materials such as cosmetics.


Figure 1. Analysis Results of Sunscreen Cosmetics





Cosmetics / Research and Development / Quality Control


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