Analysis of Synthetic Fibers
by ionRocket-DART®-MS




In order to analyze condensation polymers containing ester linkages such as polyester fiber, we usually use reaction pyrolysis GC/MS analysis which requires a methylating agent to suppress thermal decomposition products.
In this application, we used ionRocket DART®-MS to analyze polyester fibers without the use of a methylating agent. Instead, ionRocket allows the direct detection of molecular ions derived from the repeating structure of the polymer. ionRocket DART®-MS can directly identify types of polyester fiber without the addition of a derivatization agent.



Polyester fibers.
PET: Polyethylene-terephthalate



Polyester fibers were cut to 10 mm length and then placed into the ionRocket copper sample pot. A temperature gradient of 100ºC/min. from room temperature to 600ºC was applied, total run time was 7 min.



TIC are shown in Figure 1. MS spectra measured at 450ºC are shown in Figure 2.
In Figure 2, the highest intensities are due to species related by an interval of 192 and derived from the repeat structure of PET and species related by an interval of 206 derived from the repeat structure of PTT. DART®-MS is thus able to quickly distinguish between PET and PTT fibers.

Figure 1. TIC of polyester fibers. R.T. 100ºC/min 600ºC
Figure 2. MS spectrum measured at 450ºC. The preset temperature of DART®-SVP was 400ºC, DART (+)





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