Analytica Munich 2018

BioChromato continues its global influence by attending the Analytica conference in Munich. We met with researchers in academia and industry leaders in Europe, along with distribution partners throughout the region. We had our analytical instruments on display ionRocket and Volatimeship, as well as our Smart Evaporator and plate seals.

The ionRocket is a novel analytical device that directly heats samples in a controlled rate of heating. This allows volatilization and pyrolysis of compounds in order to be ionized by a DART source and introduced directly into a mass spectrometer.

Volatimeship is a sampling device that measures the headspace of a given sample in order to analyze volatile compounds typically associated with aroma. The samples are then introduced in real time into a DART gas stream where they are ionized and fed into the mass spectrometer. This allows real-time monitoring of volatile compounds.

The Smart Evaporator is an alternative solvent evaporator device. Unlike a traditional rotary evaporator, there is no risk of the solvent boiling over, or “bumping.” Due to the unique spiral plug technology, the Smart Evaporator allows the user to evaporate directly in any sample vial without the need to transfer to a round bottom flask.

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