Customer Review Vol. 9

“We can evaporate under a nitrogen environment hands free.
Just leave it and it’s done!”

Researcher in Organic Synthesis for Materials Manufacturing

I work in the material development department where we analyze existing materials. I generally handle polymers and for synthesis, I use the Smart Evaporator as a compact evaporator system.

I still use a traditional rotary evaporator for larger sample sizes as I often work with 1 L samples. However, for smaller samples around 5 mL or less, I dry the solvents directly in a sample vial of my choice using the Smart evaporator, so it’s been useful.

In the past, I used a rotary evaporator to partially concentrate DMF, then transfer to a vial where I finished drying using a nitrogen blow evaporator. The Smart Evaporator doesn’t require sample transfer and is bump-free. We can evaporate under a nitrogen environment hands free. Just leave it and it’s done! The integrated heater is also a convenient tool to speed up evaporation by setting the temperature to 40°C.

When I first decided to demo the unit, I wanted to see if it could ensure samples avoided water contamination. I confirmed this by utilizing its gas purging feature. The demonstration gave me a good impression and was very impressed that it could be installed anywhere due to its small footprint.

It’s far simpler to use than other evaporators and I am happy with the quality of evaporation. By using the nitrogen purging feature, I can evaporate without water contamination. The evaporation result also passes our criteria, which is “no bumping in a vacuum oven.” I’m fully satisfied with your device.

I can also see the usefulness of the new multi-channel C10 evaporator for those working with chromatography, HPLC fractions, or NMR analysis.