Smart Evaporator (C10) Specifications

C10 body includes 10 spiral plugs with the corresponding vial holder/temperature block size of your choice.
Additional sizes can be purchased separately. Vial holders can be heated up to 100℃.
Product Name Smart Evaporator C10
Color 2 colors (Sun, Sky)
Size (mm) (W) 350 x (D) 300 x (H) 531 – protruding parts not included
Weight 20 kg
Temperature Control Block Size Circle type: Ø 11.7, Ø 18, Ø 27
Vial Holder Size CEV10L-VH-P1: 1.5 mL
CEV10L-VH-P2: 6 mL
CEV10L-VH-P3: 20 mL
Spiral Plug Size C10L-P1 Inner diameter of vials (4 ~ 7 mm)
C10L-P2 Inner diameter of vials (7 ~ 11 mm)
C10L-P3 Inner diameter of vials (11 ~ 17 mm)

Note: Diaphragm Vacuum Pump required in order to operate the C10. Contact us for more details.

*Gas phase chemicals are not considered harmful to C10. However, if liquid is aspirated by accident, certain types of chemicals can be harmful to the wetted material.
Please contact us to check your chemical’s compatibility.