IonRocket Posters at ASMS 2019: Flexibility without sample prep for your Mass Spec!

IonRocket thermal desorption for Direct Analysis In Real Time Mass Spectrometry (DART®-MS) removes sample prep for most samples. Powders, fragments, liquids, resins, and oils can all be directly placed in ionRocket, avoiding the need for

  • Compatible solvents
  • LC, GC, or SPE separation
  • Derivatization or matrix co-crystallization

This year at ASMS, ionRocket is being used for a variety of sample types from industrial QC of plastics to characterization of edible oils to forensic identification of fibers. If you are at ASMS please visit our posters or schedule a meeting at the BioChromato booth to learn how ionRocket can unleash the power of your DART® Mass spec.

Find us at booth #208.
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Saturday and Sunday

To get your conference off to a brilliant start (and learn more about DART®-MS), please also visit the IonSense DART® beer analysis and tasting event



MP 632 Molecular characterization of oligomeric pyrolysis compounds of ethyl acrylate-butyl acrylate copolymer using thermal desorption/pyrolysis DART®-MS

– Acrylic copolymers can be analyzed by observing both intact oligomers and pyrolized oligomeric products. Kendrick Mass Defect plots can then be used to determine the distribution of different oligomeric species in the sample.


MP 228 Application for Forensic Analysis: Discrimination of Fibers using Trace Organic Additive and Pyrolyzate Marker

-Thermal desorption and pyrolysis (TDP/DART®-MS) provides identification and comparison of fiber samples in forensic criminal investigation, by characterizing additives and pyrolysis products.




TP 219 Fatty acid composition analysis for glycerides in edible oils using thermal desorption/pyrolysis DART®-QTOFMS

– ionRocket combined with DART®-MS enables rapid analysis of fatty acid substituents of acylglycerols in rapeseed oil without sample pre-treatment.


TP 145 Application of molecular characterization for fluorine polymers using thermal desorption/pyrolysis DART®-MS

-(TDP)/DART®-MS rapidly detects both thermally desorbed oligomers and oligomeric pyrolysis products of polymers. By introducing Kendrick mass defect (KMD) analysis, sequence distribution and terminal structures of fluorine copolymers can also be determined.




ThP 008 Molecular characterization of terminal structures for polycarbonates using a thermal desorption/pyrolysis DART®-MS

-Polycarbonate samples were analyzed to determine the exact phenoxy terminal types. This allowed TDP-DART®-MS to discriminate between samples of polycarbonate from different industrial sources.

To see more applications for ionRocket, please click here.

Evaporation Solutions at ACS 2019 in Orlando

BioChromato exhibited its Smart Evaporator at the American Chemical Society’s National Meeting from March 31 to April 2 in Orlando, Florida.
With the theme Evaporation Solutions, the objective was to help researchers solve common evaporation issues, such as bumping, working with DMSO / DMF and concentrating small sample volumes.
Attendees had a chance to view the Smart Evaporator and ask questions on its Vacuum Vortex Evaporation technology. Attendees were particularly impressed with BioChromato’s Spiral Plug technology and how it eliminates bumping, while evaporating high evaporation point solvents and allowing even the smallest volume samples to be concentrated easily.
Thank you to everyone who stopped by- for those who have any questions, please use our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

BioChromato Smart Evaporator,
C10 Model

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ASMS 2018 San Diego

BioChromato attended the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) in San Diego, CA, where we had analytical equipment on display, as well as our Smart Evaporator. In addition, we also had a number of poster presentations outlying applications of two innovative devices for DART-MS systems called ionRocket and Volatimeship.

Applications included analysis of polymers, plastics, lubricating oil and drug detection. More information including PDF printouts can be downloaded for free on our website under applications and posters for ionRocket and Volatimeship.


Analytica Munich 2018


BioChromato continues its global influence by attending the Analytica conference in Munich. We met with researchers in academia and industry leaders in Europe, along with distribution partners throughout the region. We had our analytical instruments on display ionRocket and Volatimeship, as well as our Smart Evaporator and plate seals.

The ionRocket is a novel analytical device that directly heats samples in a controlled rate of heating. This allows volatilization and pyrolysis of compounds in order to be ionized by a DART source and introduced directly into a mass spectrometer.

Volatimeship is a sampling device that measures the headspace of a given sample in order to analyze volatile compounds typically associated with aroma. The samples are then introduced in real time into a DART gas stream where they are ionized and fed into the mass spectrometer. This allows real-time monitoring of volatile compounds.

The Smart Evaporator is an alternative solvent evaporator device. Unlike a traditional rotary evaporator, there is no risk of the solvent boiling over, or “bumping.” Due to the unique spiral plug technology, the Smart Evaporator allows the user to evaporate directly in any sample vial without the need to transfer to a round bottom flask.


Pittcon Orlando


BioChromato was at the Pittcon Conference and Expo, where we had analytical equipment on display, as well as our Smart Evaporator C10. In addition, we also had a poster presentation explaining our development of two innovative devices for DART-MS systems called ionRocket and Volatimeship.

DART-MS is a powerful method for analysis of sample mixtures. However, this method is not suitable for polymer analysis because many polymers are difficult to volatilize. Thus, we developed the “ionRocket ” which induces thermal desorption and pyrolysis of samples.
The vapor phase of polymer samples was generated by applying a temperature-controlled heating gradient, then ionized and introduced into the mass spectrometer.

Although DART®-MS also detects volatile compounds, diffusion can make them undetectable in the open environment. In order to overcome this issue, we developed a closed-chamber interface device called “ Volatimeship ” combined with DART®-MS is an effective method to monitor volatile compounds with short analysis times and high sensitivity.


AAFS Seattle


BioChromato had a poster session at the American Academy of Forensic Scientists in Seattle, Washington, where we presented the use of our ionRocket device in the forensic laboratory setting.

The ionRocket is a thermal desorption and pyrolysis device for use with DART Mass Spectrometry. It’s a unique instrument that eliminates sample prep allowing direct analysis of samples by heating up to 600°C at a specific rate of heating. Data can be obtained using the ionRocket in minutes that is similar or complementary to pyrolysis with GC-MS, but in a fraction of the time. Thus, the ionRocket shows gaining strong support in the forensic science field, especially among those already familiar with DART-MS.


SLAS 2018


BioChromato was at the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) in San diego. There, we met with various manufacturers working with autosamplers, liquid handling systems, and other laboratory automation devices. These key industry leaders were impressed with each our plate seals: Easy Piercing Seal (EPS), and Slit Seal.

The Easy Piercing Seal (EPS) is a pierceable plate seal for multiwell plates. Due to its embossed surface, sampler needles are easily penetrated with minimal pressure. The Slit Seal is a pre-cut self-closing plate seal for use with 96 well plates.


MSACL Palm Springs

BioChromato visited the Mass Spectrometry Applications to the Clinical Lab (MSACL) meeting in Palm Springs. There, we met with researchers and manufacturers working in the field of mass spectrometry in the clinical setting. Researchers and companies in the field of toxicology were impressed with our self-closing plate seals called Slit Seal, for use with 96 well plates. They found our plate seal worked well with automated liquid handlers for LC-MS in drug screening and other applications.


Gulf Coast Conference in Houston


BioChromato attended the Gulf Coast Conference in Houston, TX. In addition to our booth, we were honored to be awarded Best New Analytical Instrument for our innovative pyrolysis device called ionRocket, where we had it on display at the New Product Showcase.

The ionRocket is a thermal desorption and pyrolysis device for use with DART Mass Spectrometry. It’s a unique instrument that eliminates sample prep allowing direct analysis of samples by heating up to 600°C at a specific rate of heating. This separates compounds based on volatility thus providing resolved mass spectra similar to a chromatogram.

BioChromato met with top leaders in the oil and gas industry like General Motors and Exxon Mobile. Customers in the oil and gas industry were impressed by the ability to analyze oil and other automotive fluids. They expressed particular interest in the ability to quickly analyze antioxidants and other additives in automotive oil and other fluids for quality control purposes.

We also presented a poster on using our analytical device on lubricating oils. This analysis method enables detection additives and base oil in the lubricating oils respectively by gradient heating, without any pre-treatment.


International Elastomer Conference

BioChromato attended the international Elastomer Conference where the ionRocket and other analytical devices were on display in the exhibit hall. In addition, we presented an oral presentation at the technical meeting section and received a lot of questions about the ionRocket from the audience.

We met with many different people in the rubber and polymer industry from chemists to corporate management. Attendees were impressed with the ionRocket’s applications, especially offering quick way of directly analyzing polymers for QC/QA purposes.


ASP Meeting in Portland

BioChromato attended the 2017 ASP meeting in Portland. Researchers in the field of natural product chemistry were very excited about the Smart Evaporator’s ability to evaporate multiple vials at once, especially when working with extractions.