Smart Evaporator K4

The Easy Way To Concentrate Your Samples

“Everybody in the lab likes to use it. It saves us a lot of time!”

Biotech company in Sunnyvale, CA

“It worked perfectly!”

FDA lab in Cincinnati, OH

“The Smart Evaporator allows me to concentrate my samples into vials in less time with no mess—even DMSO and DMF. Very convenient!”

Researcher, Novartis

“The Smart Evaporator has been useful for evaporating NMP. It is small and space-saving, so we can put it in a hot cell. I’m fully satisfied with the evaporation speed.”

Mr. Hiroshi Yamaguchi

Radiology Research Department, Akita Prefectural Hospital

“The Smart Evaporator is perfect for small samples, this frees up our larger apparatuses for high throughput work. I have found it especially useful for recovering material from d6-DMSO NMR samples to prepare for other forms of analysis.”

Dr. Tioga Martin

Asc. Scientist, Agensys, Inc.

“I appreciate the Smart Evaporator’s ability to concentrate directly in my 2 mL sample vials bump free.”

Takeo Kurata

Researcher, Meiji University, Science and Engineering Applied Chemistry

“The Smart Evaporator is effective at concentrating and drying samples in vials and centrifuge tubes.”

Professor Takuya Kumamoto

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Organic Chemistry, Musashino University.


Bump Free

Spiral air flow creates a whirlpool in your sample, eliminating bumping, speeding evaporation, and stirring the entire sample.

DMSO & DMF Concentrator

Unique spiral air flow enables efficient evaporation of high boiling point solvents such as DMSO, DMF and water.

Compatible With Most Sample Tubes

Easily interchangeable spiral plugs are compatible with many different sample tubes, flasks, and vials.

Maximize Your Time

Since no special vials are required, the risk of cross-contamination or sample loss during sample transfer is eliminated.
Smart Evaporator Technology

Evaporate with zero risk of bumping or splashing.

Chemically resistant PTFE spiral plugs accommodates nearly any vial.

Quickly evaporate high boiling point solvents, such as DMSO, NMP, or even water.